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Lyudmila Gedrovets (Kononova)

I express my gratitude to the operator Andrei D. for patience, understanding the client and accuracy in work. I booked tickets from Novosibirsk to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.

Sergei Tokarev, NP “SRO MOS”

On more than one occasion in the space of 2015 year, I addressed to the Star Tour company for service delivery (order and purchase of air and railway tickets). Orders were executed in due time with account of our wishes, with a solution and a detailed explanation of raised questions. I wish you success in future collaboration.


For several years, the Star Tour Company has been providing the services upon business trip organization for ZAO TEKORA specialists. ZAO TEKORA expresses its gratitude to the Star Tour team for efficiency and qualification demonstrated during longstanding partnership, competence and attention to our, sometimes, far-from-simple requirements.

Mospromstroy, Boronina Olga

“We have been cooperating with the Star Tour company for several years. We like the company’s flexibility, quick selection of variants. I know that I can call the agency at any time with an urgent request and I will get the exact information. The most important thing is that they can quickly change a ticket if circumstances have changed”.

TMT Shchelkunchik, A. Stroilova

“Shchelkunchik” Dance and Music Theater has been working with Star Tour LLC (OOO) for about six years. During this time, the agency proved as a reliable and stable partner. Managers of the company always treat our wishes with respect, understanding and attention at whatever time we call, and whatever trip direction we choose.

During the cooperation, the company’s employees have shown high professionalism, creativity and efficiency in operational commitment.

A special thanks to managers who always work with our theater – Dmitry and Maxim.

The “Tants-Kaleidoscop” Ensemble, Head Kvasyuk Elena

For several years, the “Tants-Kaleidoscop” Ensemble has been working closely with your company. Employees of the company are always attentive to requests and wishes, and, in this case, there are always very difficult variants of flights or moves. A special thanks to Dmitry for his patience. Last year, because of us, he spent 2 days till 24:00 at work. We all express great gratitude to your company for sensitivity to clients and will continue our cooperation.

The UTEK Company, Ilya Yevdokimov

Many thanks to the Star Tour company and personally to Maxim from the UTEK Company – Yevdokimov Ilya Mikhailovich and Koshchenkov Roman Viktorovich for performed work. He always does everything qualitatively, timely, and takes care of his clients. And also a special thanks from Hellene and Marina for patience during the selection of tickets. Maxim is always ready to help at any time, and, I guess, the most important thing is that he is always in touch. He rescued us more than a few times.

Sadkovkina Natalia

The work of the company without any complaints, and especially we are pleased with our manager Maxim, a high-class specialist!

The “Stinerzhi” company

We thank the team of STAR TOUR LLC (OOO) for cooperation, for well-doing relations.

We are very pleased with the competent and professional staff of your company, and manager Marina, in particular.

Marina approved herself as a best specialist. She can always find the best option, prompt you with a choice, she does everything very quickly.

We wish you further success, good luck and prosperity!!!


Please tell your management that I express my deep gratitude to your company and to you for your excellent work.

Only I have been working with you since 2009, and the cooperation began earlier. You’ve never quitted on us; moreover, you have always found ways to help us in the most difficult situations. I know that working with us is not easy, it is connected with changes of our plans at the last moment, besides you always find a way out and have outstanding patience and behave perfectly.

All my words of thanks, of course, relate to you directly, but I think the general situation in the company, correct requirements of the company management also matter.

Marina, thank you for your skills, great personality, good upbringing and attention to people.

Lilia Schneider

Just on 5 years ago, I needed to buy a ticket to my son to go abroad. Since I live in the Komi Republic down the country (200 km from the city and air ticket offices), I decided to buy a ticket via the Internet. Then I bought the first ticket from Marina. Since then, I trust only her. I always order to buy tickets to Marina even for my sisters who live in Moscow. I am very grateful to Marina, she is always extremely polite, patient. When buying tickets, we always chat and talk by phone. I always had different questions, and every time Marina answered very correctly, very politely, completely and with kindness. I am much obliged to Marina, and grateful for the opportunity, which allowed me never have any problems with air tickets buying. I am sure that Marina is an honor of your team. I wish Marina good luck and health. 


Many thanks to the Star Tour employees for an unforgettable vacation in Greece! At first, we wanted to take a tour, but responsive managers helped us to choose everything individually, because it was cheaper, we were offered to take plane tickets, a hotel and a car by ourselves; we took a car at the airport, because there is nothing to do in Crete without a car))) We really liked Crete, especially its unforgettable and completely different beaches. We will definitely go to Greece again, thanks to Star Tour!


We had been thinking hard where we should go in summer and on the family meeting we decided to visit sunny Greece, namely Rhodes.

For more specific and detailed advice we referred to Star Tour. For us, the important choice criterion was a hotel, we wanted it to be family one, in a quiet place and working on an all-inclusive system. And just the Star Tour specialists found a special offer from the Mouzenidis tour operator to one of the hotels, Aelia is located in the quiet village of Afandou, on the Mediterranean coast. Since we have a child with us, the calm Mediterranean Sea was perfect. The hotel is located 5 minutes from the sea. We, without hesitation, bought this tour with a good discount and waited for the flight. In Star Tour, we quickly enough and constructively made all documents including visas (annual).

Arriving on vacation, we were met and accompanied by the Mouzenidis representative throughout our leisure time with an excellent mark. We visited interesting places. We are very grateful to the receiving party, guides and representatives who know their work. We will plan our next trip to Greece with Star Tour.

Bogdanova Anastasia

Thanks a million, Natalia! You are the best manager!!))

Last week, I tried to buy railway tickets via another company... I was sent from manager to manager the whole week! It was so fast and easy with you! Thank you so much!))