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Moscow excurcions

Moscow - Saint Petersburg. Premium tour
from645 €
duration8 days
Moscow Premium Tour
from355 €
duration4 days
Moscow Classic Tour
from290 €
duration4 days
Moscow - St. Petersburg (one free day)
from575 €
duration8 days
Moscow - Saint Petersburg. Classic
from565 €
duration8 days
Moscow - St. Petersburg + Country tour
from610 €
duration8 days
duration5 days
Our trips are for those who are interested in the pristine Baikal with its stunning energy and silence, rich flora and fauna, strict and fascinating beauty of nature. The whole Baikal expedition is an opportunity to see all the most attractive, but hard-to-reach places of the lake. Every day new stunning scenery, exploring the nature and culture of these wonderful places. Such a journey will give a powerful boost of energy and impressions for life. 14 days/13 nights distance of approx. 1000 km.