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Altai is a place of power

8 days
615 €

In the recreation area, there are supermarkets, cafes, restaurants, ATMs, attractions, artificial ponds - this is the most developed part of the Altai infrastructure. This program is suitable for tourists who prefer to stay in a hotel with comfort.

Tour program

Day 1
Group meeting in Barnaul / Biysk / Gorno-Altaisk.

Comfortable transfer to the Chemalsky district (340 km / 290 km / 80 km respectively). Accommodation in double comfortable rooms of the category “Standard” of the recreation center “Nika Manor” (two people per room).

After lunch rafting ** on the Katun River on a raft from the mouth of the Edigan River. Each raft will have a professional rafting instructor. By the beginning of the rafting, the group is delivered along the Chemal tract, which is rich in historical sites (70 km). As part of rafting, the group will pass several thresholds of 3-4 severity categories (time on the water is 2 hours 30 minutes). The alloy can be replaced by any other 3-hour excursion, which can be chosen in advance or on site.

Clothing on the alloy: comfortable clothing - swimwear, shorts, sneakers. Everyone is given wetsuits, life jackets ,and helmets. Dry clothes and shoes should be left to the instructor for storage.

Accommodation: 2-bed comfortable hotel room.

Meals: lunch at the hotel, dinner at the hotel.

Distance: 340/290 / 80 km, rafting 25 km.

** if on the first-day tourists come from Biysk or Barnaul, then they do not have time for a rafting, but will have time to visit one of the numerous three-hour excursions. Rafting for them will be organized in one of the following days of the tour.

(!) Also, at the request of tourists, it is possible to replace the alloy with a time-equivalent tour (3 hours), the list is offered at the end of the document .

Day 2
Excursion to the Emurlinsky waterfall

Before the start of the walking part of the route, the group is brought to the pass on off-road vehicles, a picnic will take place at the same place on the way back. Next, the tourists along with the guide go up the path along the cedar forest, from the slope offer excellent views of the panorama of mountain ranges and the raging river. Rocks, on which powerful streams of the Emurlinsky waterfall flow, are covered with a thick layer of mosses, which is why the waterfall becomes emerald green. From here originates the river Emurla. Lunch - picnic.

Dinner at the hotel.

Accommodation: 2-bed comfortable hotel room.

Meals: breakfast and dinner at the hotel, lunch - picnic in nature.

Distance: auto 40 km, foot. 5 km.

Day 3
Excursion along the Chuisky tract

Excursion along the Chuisky road - the main highway of Altai, passing through the republic - through the whole region. The road goes south towards Mongolia, allowing you to see a lot of nature and history monuments of Altai.

There are 2 passes to go along the way: Seminsky (1850m) and Chike-Taman (1200m), where half-hour stops are planned. There you can buy traditional Altai products (honey, herbs, etc.) and various souvenirs. On the Chike-Taman pass, during the stop, you can walk up to the observation point, from where a beautiful and wide view of the valley opens.

To explore the history of Altai, the following places are planned to be visited: ancient burial mounds in the vicinity of the village of Tuekta from the 6th – 2nd century BC, of ​​which there are 197 pieces; ancient stella obelisks near the village of Yin; petroglyphs in the tract Kalbak-Tash (about 5 thousand rock paintings of different eras); A fragment of the old road of the Chuisky tract in the area of ​​the Kurkechu bom - the ancient trade route through the valleys of Chui and Katun is mentioned in Chinese chronicles more than a thousand years ago.

Also, on the way, tourists will visit special places - “places of power”, one of them is the confluence of the Chuya Katun mountain rivers - the exit to the observation platform, where the picturesque river valleys are visible. In the place of their confluence, the muddy waters of Chui and the clear turquoise water of Katun collide. This place is considered to be sacred among the Altais.

On the bank of the river Bolshoi Ilgumen a picnic will take place.

Return to the Chemal district, a hearty dinner at the hotel.

Accommodation: 2-bed comfortable hotel room.

Meals: breakfast and dinner at the hotel, lunch - picnic in nature (in bad weather conditions, lunch at a roadside cafe).

Distance: auto 500 km.

Day 4
A trip to the tract Che-Chkysh along the Chemal tract in the direction of the village Kuyus.

We take about 40 km one way to the place of tourists. Next, walk to a small waterfall Che-chkysh. Along the way, tourists will see the cave paintings of the Bronze Age and the Middle Ages.

At the end of the tour - access to the observation platform with a view of the Katun. During the walk, the guide tells in detail about shamanism - the early form of religion among the Altaians, which is based on the belief in the shaman’s communication with spirits in a state of trance. Upon return, dinner at the hotel.

Accommodation: 2-bed comfortable hotel room.

Meals: breakfast, lunch ,and dinner at the hotel.

Distance: auto 80 km, foot. 2 km.

Day 5
A trip to the ancient lake Manzherok.

Rise on the chairlift to the top of the mountain Malaya Sinyukha. On the mountain, tourists can (at their own expense) visit Ail with a shaman, visit an extreme park or take a ride on quad bikes. Beach vacation at the lake on his return. Picnic in nature.

Also, on the lake Manzherok tourists can (at their own expense) ride a boat or a bicycle-catamaran. In the evening, a delicious dinner at the hotel.

Accommodation: 2-bed comfortable hotel room.

Meals: breakfast and dinner at the hotel, lunch - picnic in nature.

Distance: auto 80 km.

Day 6
Excursion to the village Chemal

Tourists will see the first hydroelectric station in Altai, will pass along a narrow path over the Katun, see the confluence of the Chemal and Katunian rivers and will be able to visit the Orthodox Church of St. John the Theologian on Patmos Island. Picnic in nature.

In the evening, dinner at the hotel.

Accommodation: 2-bed comfortable hotel room.

Meals: breakfast and dinner at the hotel.

Distance: cars 50 km, foot. 2 km.

Day 7
Excursion to the Karakol lakes

Excursion to the Karakol lakes, located at an altitude of 1600 to 2000 m.

Part of the way to the village of Verkh-Anos group will travel on an off-road vehicle (UAZ or Gaz-66), the rest of which is about 5 km (one way), the tourists will walk along the trail among the cedar forest. Each lake is different from each other, these places are very picturesque. Picnic on one of the lakes.

In the evening, tourists will be served dinner at the hotel.

Accommodation: 2-bed comfortable hotel room.

Meals: breakfast and dinner at the hotel, picnic lunch prepared by a guide on the fire.

Distance: auto 80 km, foot. 10 km.

Day 8
Airport transfer

Transfer to the airport or railway station of Barnaul / Gorno-Altaisk / Biysk.

*** tourists who fly out of Barnaul on the morning flights leave by transfer at night (4-5 hours journey), breakfast on the way. Tourists departing from Gorno-Altaisk spend the night at the base, departure to the airport in the morning (1 hour), breakfast on the way.

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