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The Intimate wisdom of Altai for the New Year

8 days
830 €

Acquaintance with the Guardians of Wisdom allows you to touch the people's worldview, to understand the laws of nature more deeply, to immerse yourself in the spiritual world around you and to feel the influence of the forces that help the prosperity of national self-knowledge.

Along with wonderful meetings with knowledgeable people, during the tour you will be visited by amazing natural objects: Tavdinskaya and Ust-Kanskaya caves, mountain passes, Uimon Valley, Multinsky lakes, natural park Uch-Enmek and others that deserve close attention.

Seasonality: all year round

Duration: 8 days / 7 nights

Dates of races:

January 31 - January 7

The rest of the time on request

The Number of participants:

from 6 people

The price includes:

Transport delivery from Barnaul to the tour and back;

Three meals a day;

Guide services;

Equipment rental provided by the program;

Recreational fees;

Medical insurance.

Accommodation program.

Tour program

Day 1

Meeting in Barnaul / Gorno-Altaisk. Moving to c. Barangol Accommodation at the recreation center in the village. Barangol

Excursion to the Tavdinsky caves. A person is always attracted to the unknown, the mysterious, hidden by darkness. The caves are probably the most striking example of the Mystery created by nature. When a person gets into the narrow or wide aisles of the “underground palaces”, they can be mastered either by anxiety and fear or by indomitable curiosity — both attract, makes them return again and again to the solution of this riddle. Moreover, caves are a rather rare geological phenomenon. They allow a person to look deep into the Earth, find out the contents of its depths, look at the tremendous, impressive work of water. Legends, legends and authentic stories about Tavdinsky caves throughout the tour.

Visit the complex of Russian culture.

Accommodation in the tourist complex for 2 people in the room (amenities on the floor).

Meals: breakfast, lunch paid extra, dinner in a cafe.

Day 2

Moving to Uimon valley (auto 380 km).

A part of our journey runs along the legendary Chuisky road. A further journey along the Ust-Kan and Abai steppes leads to the fertile Uimon valley. Here that neither the mountain, the legend, the profits ...

In a way to overcome the four passes, a lot of amazing places and exciting stories.

Accommodation at the base of the rest "Uimon pearl" in with. Zamulta 2 people in the room (amenities on the floor). It is possible to order a bath.

Meals: breakfast in a cafe, lunch at a roadside cafe, dinner at the place of settlement.

Day 3

Moving to a. Verkh-Uimon (auto 20 km). Visiting the museum of N. K. Roerich.

During his stay in Altai within the framework of the Central Asian Expedition, Nikolai Konstantinovich Roerich stayed in this village, in the house of the Old Believer Varfolomey Semenovich Atamanov. Atamanov was known as the best expert on the secret paths of Altai, he led expeditions of scientists and artists through the mountains and valleys of Prikatunya. The museum recreated from the surviving remnants of the house of Atamanov is flourishing and delights its guests with an amazing atmosphere.

For a more complete understanding of this unique corner, we invite you to plunge into the atmosphere of life and life of the Uimon Old Believers in the R.P. Kuchuganova. You will have a unique opportunity to understand why the Uimon Valley is called the Place of Intimate Wisdom.

Return to the recreation center.

At the end of the day - the Old Believers evening. Games, jokes, jokes, dance and ritual songs, chastooshkas in the company of the amazing ensemble "Siberia". All their love for folk traditions, songs, team members with great desire and ability to convey to everyone present.

Overnight at the recreation center "Uimon Pearl." Food: in the place of settlement.

Day 4

Journey to the Lower Multinskoe Lake (according to weather conditions: GAZ-66, UAZ, snowmobile, horse-drawn sleigh).

High in the mountains, surrounded by wild taiga from all sides, the Multinsky lakes, which belong to the Katunsky Reserve, froze in their pristine beauty. They received their name from the river of the same name, in the headwaters of which they are located. The river successively forms three lakes: the Upper Multa, the Middle Multa ,and the Lower Multa. The lakes appeared as a result of a moraine dam. The basis of their power is glaciers. In the vicinity of the lakes a lot of berries: blueberries, currants, raspberries. The lake is rich in Grayling.

Meals: Breakfast, dinner at the place of settlement, lunch - picnic on the lake.

Overnight on the lake in a warm house (amenities on the territory). It is possible to order a bath.

Day 5

Rest on the lake, walks around the neighborhood. Hot bath. Fragrant tea. Emotional conversations over the molding of ravioli.

Overnight on the lake in a warm house (amenities on the territory).

Food in the place of settlement.

Day 6

Moving to the village Zamulta. We leave in memory of the unforgettable winter landscapes of the highlands, the aroma of Altai herbs and the taste of Siberian dumplings.

Accommodation at the Manor. Food in the place of accommodation.

Day 7

Transfer to the natural park Uch-Enmek (auto 250 km).

On the way check in with. Mendur-Sokkon on a visit to the amazing man Nikolai Andreyevich Shodoev - the keeper of the ancient sacred knowledge of Altai Bilik. “Bilik is an integral national outlook in which knowledge and faith are inextricably linked. The faith here is based on the historical experience of the people, takes into account modern knowledge and is pragmatic - faith for the Altai must be practically useful in solving the most pressing life problems ... According to Bilik, there is one source of knowledge and faith - the unity of the General laws of the Universe, Nature, and man. ” Visit the Museum of Altai traditional culture and life.

At the end of the day tasting dishes of the Altai national cuisine. Speech by the master of throat singing. Secrets of the sound of national musical instruments.

Overnight at the hotel Uch-Enmek (amenities on the floor).

Meals: breakfast, dinner in the places of settlement, lunch in a roadside cafe.

Day 8

Excursion on the territory of the park Uch-Enmek "The Secret of the Sacred Valley" (auto 40 km).

The park is located in the picturesque Karakol valley. It is here in the Karakol valley accumulated energy of millennia, expressed in large barrows, stelae, rock paintings and in the culture of the Altai people. In archaeological terms, it is one of the richest regions of the Altai Mountains. The earliest finds here belong to the Paleolithic epoch, the barrows of the Bronze Age were fixed in a unique Karakol culture. The basis of the complex consists of large mounds of the Scythian period, belonging to the tribal and clan nobility. Karakol valley is crowned with a peak Uch-Enmek. Uch-Enmek is the sacred mountain of the Altaians, whose name and literal translation means "Three Temeni". In Altai, the summit of Uch-Enmek is highly revered, considering that the triplet energy of the cosmos goes through it.

Moving to a. Barangol (auto 200 km). Farewell dinner. Bathhouse Departure to Barnaul (auto 300 km).

Breakfast in the place of settlement, lunch, dinner in a cafe.

Departure to the airport of Gorno-Altaisk is carried out on the morning of the next day. It is necessary to additionally book accommodation. The cost of the tour does not include accommodation on the last night before departure.

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