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"Baikal Kaleidoscope" Multitur, trekking-horse-speleo-SUV-quadrocycles-rafting, Baikal

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baykal-skiy-kaleydoskop-11-dn-10-n-mul-titur-trekking-konnyy-speleo-vnedorozhnik-kvadrotsikly-splav-baykal (1)
11 days
970 €

Tour itinerary: Irkutsk - Taltsy - Listvyanka - Small Sea - Tazheran Steppes - Olkhon - Irkutsk - Kultuk - Irkut River - Irkutsk

Starting point: Russia, Irkutsk Region, Irkutsk.

Transportation: Bus / minibus.

Conditions for the tour

City start tour

Russia, Irkutsk Region, Irkutsk


Meeting from 08.00 to 08.30 at the airport (inside the airport building, near the exit to the city), from 09.00 to 09.30 at the railway station (inside the station building, near the exit to the city, at the first entrance - suburban ticket offices), with a sign "Baikal Kaleidoscope ".

End of the tour until 12.00 - according to the checkout time at the hotel.

Local time !!!



Included in the price

Accommodation, meals, excursion and transport services for the program, insurance, rental of equipment necessary for the implementation of the program.

Possible surcharges

Flight or transfer to Irkutsk from the place of arrival and then departure or transfer to the next place of arrival after the end of the program. Accommodation in rooms of another category. Meals, specified in the program "independently" or "at their own expense." Additional services specified in the program "for an additional fee" or not specified in the program.


According to the price table.


By program. Comprehensive


In case of deterioration of weather conditions, we reserve the right to change the program or route of the tour.

Citizens of the Russian Federation recommend that you take a compulsory health insurance policy card for each participant of the trip.

The travel agency reserves the right to change the order of the excursions, as well as replace them with equivalent ones while maintaining the total volume of the excursion program.

Travel Agency reserves the right to replace the hotel at an equivalent.

In the event that tourists do not show up at the appointed time, no refund will be made for unused excursions.

It is necessary to arrive at the meeting place at the appointed time, otherwise, the responsibility for joining the group lies entirely with the tourist.

Sub-accommodation in a double room (i.e. a reservation of one seat in a double room) is possible in agreement with the Dolphin tour operator.


Accepted from 8 years


You can change the order of the tour!

Useful tips

Recommended things: sunscreen, a hat (cap), comfortable shoes, comfortable clothing, a windbreaker (it is cool in the evening), bathing accessories, a flashlight, a towel.

Travel documents

Travel voucher-pass, passport (civil or foreign), for children under 14 years old - birth certificate.

Cancellation Policy

Under contract.

Tour program

Day 1

Arrival in Irkutsk, meeting at the airport from 08.00 to 08.30 (inside the airport building, near the exit to the city), from 09.00 to 09.30 at the railway station Irkutsk-Passenger (inside the station building, near the exit to the city, in the first entrance - suburban ticket offices ) with a sign "Baikal Kaleidoscope". Breakfast. After breakfast, the guide will conduct a tour of the historic part of Irkutsk.

Irkutsk today is a large administrative, commercial, cultural and scientific center of Eastern Siberia, in which about seven hundred thousand people live. The city has a high scientific, technical and industrial potential, developed infrastructure and is included in the number of populated places with preservation of the historical planning and development.

After getting acquainted with Irkutsk, we will offer you a trip to the “gates of Baikal” - to the village of Listvyanka. Just 65 km from Irkutsk, on the shores of the sacred Lake Baikal, the five-kilometer strip stretches Listvyanka. In 1645, a small Cossack detachment led by centurion Ivan Galkin, having overcome a long waterway, reached the source of the Angara. The first Siberian settlers erected hunting huts here and began making forays into the waters of the Baikal on their planks and plaques. With the development of shipping through the Larch (this name was originally given to the settlement due to a large number of larches growing in its vicinity), supplies of fur, fish, meat, salt, tea went. Therefore, it was called not only the “Gate of Baikal”, but also the “Gate to Asia”. Today Listvyanka is one of the most visited and popular zones on the shores of the famous lake and the starting point for most travelers from all over the world. From here begin as short water walks on the Larch Bay, as well as multi-day cruises on the lake, trips on the Circum-Baikal railway, there are hotel complexes, mini-hotels, a private residential complex, various tourist attractions, restaurants and cafes, fish markets and souvenir shops.

The objects to visit and get acquainted on this day will be the following:

Architectural-ethnographic museum "Taltsy" is a unique collection of historical, architectural and ethnographic monuments of the XVII-XIX centuries. The museum is located on the picturesque bank of the Angara River in the Taltsy tract, at the 47th kilometer of the Baikal highway. Here, four historical and cultural zones of the Baikal region are retrospectively recreated: Russian, Buryat, Evenki, and Tofalar.

The source of the Angara and the observation deck at the Shaman-stone. The source of the Angara River is the widest and largest in the world (863 m). Many beautiful legends and legends are associated with this place, and the stone itself is considered one of the symbols of Baikal, which the locals still endow with miraculous power.

The current St. Nicholas Church. Almost the only ancient architectural monument of Listvyanka of the mid-nineteenth century.

Museum of Baikal. Today, the exposition is based on Baikal fish, birds and animals, samples of sediments and Baikal minerals, models, various exhibits found during scientific field expeditions. Since June 2004, the museum has a truly unique structure - a limnological aquarium, which provides visitors with the opportunity to look into the underwater world of Baikal and see lively omul, grayling, bream, sturgeon, Lenkov, burbin, carp, catfish, pike and crucian carpas, also crustaceans, sponges and mollusks. All 11 aquariums are designed in such a way that you can carefully consider the underwater inhabitants of Baikal, including the seals, for which almost ideal conditions are created.

Local market. In the local market, located in the very center of Listvyanka near the central pier, you can buy souvenirs for yourself and as a gift to your loved ones: Baikal pebbles with the image of a seal, the symbol of Baikal, beads and other semi-precious stones, bark and wooden products, ceramics, soft toys, badges, magnets, etc. Here you can buy and taste the famous Baikal delicacies of various cooking methods (hot or cold smoked, salted or dried) - omul, whitefish, grayling, and even golomyanka - a transparent fish with a peculiar taste.

Accommodation at the hostel, dinner.

Meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Cities: Irkutsk, Listvyanka

Sightseeing: Spassky Church, Znamensky Monastery, monument to Alexander III, Moorish Castle (Irkutsk Museum of Local Lore), Museum of Baikal, Architectural and Ethnographic Museum "Taltsy"

Day 2

Equestrian. Today is the day you meet your future friends - the horses of the local improved breed. In the course of communication, the coach will tell you about the elements of riding, tell about safety, about the individual characteristics of horses. After training, we go to a route on a cross-country terrain.

The duration of our horse riding tour will be 3 hours. On the way, you will be offered a small picnic.

Return to the campsite, free time. Dinner at your own expense.

Note: for confident riders, we offer an extended route: one-day tour lasting 6-7 hours, additional payment for the tour: 3500 rubles per person (it is advisable to order this option in advance).

Meals: breakfast, lunch (picnic).

Cities: Listvyanka

Day 3

Early breakfast, private transfer to Irkutsk. Landing on the minibus, departure to the Small Sea. On the way, you will see a variety of landscapes of the Baikal region: the picturesque spurs of the Pribaikalsky, Tazheranskaya steppe, the mountainous shores of the Small Sea and the island of Olkhon. Passing the village of Yelantsy, pay attention to the bronze figure of a flying eagle - the patron saint of the Tazheran and Olkhon steppe expanses. The wingspan is about 7 meters, the weight is about 4 tons, and the height of the stele is 9 meters. Another interesting monument is installed on the observation deck of the Kurkutsky Bay. Here, the Vagabond is perpetuated in bronze - the hero of the Russian folk song "According to the wild steppes of Transbaikalia". Next, to the 4-meter sculpture, there is a cross and a marble slab on which the lyrics of the song are carved: “A vagabond approaches Baikal, take a fishing boat and starts a sad song, something about the Motherland sings.”

Upon arrival at the Small Sea - accommodation and lunch at the tourist base “World of Baikal”. Rest, walking tour along the coast of the Small Sea - a small warm-up before the upcoming trekking in the Sarminsky gorge.

In Buryat, the Small Sea sounds like Narin Dalai, which means Narrow Sea. This narrow strait is separated from the “Big Baikal” by Olkhon Island. The climate of the coast is ideal for recreation: there is very little rainfall and most of the time is sunny.

This part of the lake (including Olkhon Island) represents all the natural areas of the Baikal coastline, replacing one another: these are steppe expanses, gorgeous sandy and pebble beaches, steep cliffs, mountains, and taiga ... during our excursions you can see for yourself how beautiful and diverse nature of the Small Sea. During the tour, you will learn the legends of the Sacred Lake. The guide will tell you interesting facts about Baikal, about its flora and fauna, about Olkhon Island, about the Strait of Olkhon Gates. You will see the Strait of Olkhon Gate, Cape Kobylya Head, Ogoy Island ... Dinner.

Meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Cities: Olkhon District

Sightseeing: Small Sea, Cape Kobylya Head

Day 4

Trekking Breakfast at the hostel. Today we will go on a walking tour to the Sarminsky gorge. Sarminskoe gorge is one of the legendary places of Baikal. Sarma - the largest of the rivers (length 42 km), flowing into the Small Sea. The river originates from the northern slopes of the Three-headed loach. For millions of years, the ice stream of the Sarma River has washed out in the Primorsky Range a powerful gorge "Sarminskoe", on both sides of which two rocks rise, creating an unusual, somewhat sinister pattern of the Sarminsky Gate. Here, waddling over the Primorsky ridge with a vast Prilensky Highland, the arctic air rushes into a valley narrowing towards the mouth, which, at the exit to the Baikal basin, forms a kind of natural wind tunnel. The elevation difference of the Prilenskaya high ground and the level of Baikal is more than 500 m. This creates very favorable conditions for the mass of cold air falling from such a height to acquire enormous speeds and destructive power. In ancient times, the approach to the Sarminsky gorge was separated from the rest of the Baikal coast by a wall of stones. The shamans of the ancient tribes inhabiting Baikal separated the sacred territory of the mouth of the Sarma from outside visitors. An excursion to the Sarminsky gorge begins along a picturesque road along the Bay of Mukhor, the warmest and shallowest part of the Strait of the Small Sea. Behind the Khuzhir-Nugai Bay, the vast delta of the Sarma River begins with several low sandy islands, bird nesting sites. A further journey takes place along the road in the valley of the river, along which in 1643 the Cossack Pentecostal Kurbat Ivanov passed. To the eyes of tourists opens a vast space with randomly scattered huge boulders against the background of emerald grass, as if the spirits of the mountains were playing bowls. The whole road is a change of landscapes that are amazing in their picturesque nature: this is a blooming mountain valley, a dense forest thicket, a path leading along a cliff above the river, and, of course, a mountain river with its differences and rapids ...

The route ends with a clearing with huge boulders; here you can relax, admire from a height a rapid stream and listen to the sound of water. The way back will seem to you shorter. Upon return, we are waiting for lunch (picnic). After lunch and rest, we go back.

Meals: breakfast, lunch (picnic), dinner.

For an additional fee, we offer you to order a Russian bath.

Cities: Olkhon District

Sightseeing: Small Sea, Sarminskoe Gorge

Day 5

Speleo Full day trip to the caves of the "Tazheransky steppes". You are waiting for deep mines, underground lakes, tangled labyrinths. You will be fascinated by the halls, the quaint appearance of which is given by stalactites, stalagmites, snow garlands ,and magnificent ice crystals. During the tour, you will visit five unique caves of the Tazheran steppes. Aya Cave - one of the oldest caves in the world and the longest of the caves of the Baikal region! The system of labyrinths of the Aya cave has an interesting annular structure. Struck with the beauty and diversity of the halls, you will trembling along intricate manholes to meet the unknown. The cave trap Vologda will be next in our tour. This cave is vertical. Scientists suggest that its bottom may be at the same level as the bottom of Baikal. Descending into the cave on ropes with special speleological equipment will be for you a real test of courage! Experienced instructors have compiled a program that takes into account your level of preparedness and physical abilities. Beginning tourists will receive basic knowledge for traveling to underground halls, wells and “self-seekers” and will undergo a rite of passage to cavers. More experienced tourists will have the opportunity to sneak into you have not yet explored manholes. In the evening arrival at the hostel, dinner.

Meals: breakfast, lunch (picnic), dinner.

For an additional fee, you can order a Russian bath.

Cities: Olkhon District

Sightseeing: Small Sea

Day 6

ATVs. Breakfast at the base. Quad bike safaris on the Tazheranskaya steppe. During the route you will see magnificent landscapes of the Small Sea, we will descend into the “lost bay” - a secluded bay with a wonderful beach, where in good weather you can swim in crystal clear waters (do not forget to take towels and bathing accessories), then we will go to the bay Snake, the descent into which resembles the trail of a huge snake that descended to the Great Lake (if you are lucky, from afar you will be able to see the seals that live here in the summer), and then to Mount Tanhan. This is the highest point on the coast of the Small Sea. Climbing the mountain is quite steep, but very real. Upstairs we expect a short walk to the very top of the mountain, which offers a panoramic view of the Small Sea and the island of Olkhon.

The next object of our visit is the Valley of Stone Spirits. According to legend, many years ago, two shamans came together in a deadly battle to prove their strength, but none of them could win, and the Higher Power, has decided to punish them and their warriors, turned everyone into stone sculptures that excite the imagination. tourists to this day. Let's see what you see ...

Return to the campsite.

Meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Note: Safari is conducted - 2 people on an ATV. If desired, for the add. The fee is a possible option - 1 person on an ATV, surcharge 1900 rubles per person.

Cities: Olkhon District

Sightseeing: Small Sea, Tanhan Mountain

Day 7

SUV. Breakfast at the base, departure to Olkhon Island. Having resorted to poetic images, one can say that Baikal is the blue heart of Siberia, and Olkhon is the heart of Baikal. The island is the geographical, historical and sacred center of the lake - the center of ancient legends and historical legends. Located in the central part of Baikal, near the greatest depth mark (1637 m), at an equal distance from the northern and southern extremities of the lake, Olkhon concentrated on its territory the whole diversity of the natural landscapes of the Baikal shores. Even in its form, it resembles the outlines of Baikal. In the myths and legends of the Buryats, Olkhon is called the abode of the terrible spirits of Baikal. At the end of the twentieth century. The shamans of the Republic of Buryatia recognized Olkhon Island as “the main sanctuary, the cult center of all-Mongolian and Central Asian significance, personifying the sacred ancestral homeland of the Buryats”.

We begin our journey from the tourist center, we move to the ferry to about. Olkhon. The Strait of Olkhon Gates is a strait separating the island of Olkhon from the mainland, its length is about 8 km, its width is about 1 km.

Further, as we move to the center of the island, we will see:

Bay of Zagli (Tashkaj lip). The sunniest place in the Irkutsk region. The number of sunny days is 3 times higher than in Irkutsk and is 2,200 hours per year (on the Riga coast - 1,830 hours per year). Precipitation falls the same amount as in the dry steppes of Kazakhstan.

Cape Kobylya head. The shape of the cape resembles the head of a horse drinking water from Baikal. There is a legend about the soldiers of Genghis Khan, who allegedly stopped at a camp on this cape and left behind a huge vat.

Cape Khorgoy. Here is the highest point on Hadai mountain. From it opens a wonderful panorama of the southern part of the island, and on the pass - an obo in honor of the Ezhin - the spirit of the pass. On which it is necessary to stop and throw a coin.

And finally, in front of us, a wonderful view opens up of the “visiting card of Baikal”, one of the nine shrines of Asia - Burkhon Cape or Shamanka Rock. Shamanka was the most revered holy place on Lake Baikal, there have been sacrifices and vows since the appearance of the first shamans. The cave of the cape was considered the seat of Aegina, the owner of the island. Shaman rituals were held in a through-cave in the rock closest to the shore, and later after the Lamaization of the Buryats, there was an altar of the Buddha in it.

To the north of Cape Burkhan, there is a magnificent sandy beach of the Saraisky Bay, which stretches for 3 km between Cape Burkhan and the village of Haranza. Sandy trees hide cozy meadows in the depths of the shore, surrounded by a pine forest.

Next, we move to the north of the island to Cape Khoboy. On our way: the sandy track (miniature of the famous Peschanaya Bay). Constant winds blowing from the sea carry sand from the coast and form sandy deposits, which are called “moving sands”. On the edge of the forest, you can find stilted trees that have risen 30 to 40 cm above the sand on their roots. Their height is much less than that of the famous stilted trees in Peschanaya Bay.

Sagan Khushun - “White Cape” - an extremely picturesque rocky cape with a length of about 1 km. The Sagan-Khushun rocks are included in the list of Baikal nature monuments. This place stands out among the monotonous coastline with spectacular pyramid-shaped rocks known from the local population under the name “Three Brothers”, the legend about which you will learn during the tour.

And here we have the main goal of our journey - Cape Khoboy. Khoboy is a sacred place, a place of power and powerful energy, the most northern cape on the island of Olkhon. In appearance, it resembles a sharp canine (just “canine” and translated “hobby” from Buryat). Cape Khoboy is located near the widest place of Baikal (79.5 km), and only in good weather from it, you can see the opposite shore, the mountainous contour of the Holy Nose Peninsula. On the cape there is a platform where all-Olkhon shaman taylagans are performed.

After lunch (picnic), we go back. Transfer to the tourist center. The end of the tour.

Meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Cities: Olkhon District

Sightseeing: Fr. Olkhon, Cape Kobylya head, Cape Khorgoy, Shamanka rock (Shaman-rock), Sandy tract, Cape Khoboy, Cape Sagan-Khushun

Day 8

Breakfast, free time. After lunch, departure to Irkutsk (by minibus, meeting in Irkutsk, transfer to hotel). Arrival in Irkutsk in the evening, accommodation in a hotel (tourist class, room facilities).

Meals: breakfast, lunch.

Cities: Irkutsk

Day 9

The first day of the 2-day rafting (joining the national team). Breakfast. Our journey begins at 7.00 in the morning, we go to the place of rafting in the village of Bystraya with a stop at the most southern point of Lake Baikal - the village of Kultuk (100 km from Irkutsk). Here from the observation deck offers a picturesque view of this pearl of Siberia! After a small photo shoot, our journey continues, and we find ourselves on the bank of the r. Irkut - in the place where the water part of our journey begins. Training equipment, instructing all members of the group. Tourists are given personal protective equipment (life jackets and helmets) and waterproof capes. Personal belongings are packed in waterproof bags, space is distributed in rafts. After a few hours of rafting, we find ourselves in a campsite, where you will experience a feeling of comfort and coziness combined with the unique beauties of virgin nature! Our staff will provide you with an unforgettable vacation, assist in placing in comfortable tents, show the location of the shower, toilet and wash basin, tell you all about fishing in these places and provide you with fishing tackles, feed you in a tasty and varied manner during the whole time, melt for You most real hip bath on the wood (ext. Payment on the spot), will maintain cleanliness and order throughout the surrounding area.

Meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Cities: Kultuk

Day 10

Continuation of the 2-day rafting. Today we set off on rafts to the final point of our rafting, Shamanka, where at 19.00 we will be waited for by a bus that will take us to the city of Irkutsk, the planned arrival at 20.30.

Hotel accommodation (tourist class, room facilities)

Meals: breakfast, lunch.

Cities: Shamanka, Irkutsk

Day 11

Breakfast, transfer to the airport.

Cities: Irkutsk

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