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Baikal - the legend of the planet Earth

7 days
625 €

Irkutsk • Baikal • Listvyanka • Big Cats • Taltsy

Route number 1002

Group tour schedule

bus, cognitive, natural

Visit Baikal! This is one of the brightest pages in your biography. The main attractions of the great lake. This amazing program is a winner of the U1 International Annual Prize "Leaders of Travel Industry". Nomination "Route 2002".

Tour program

Day 1

Meeting of tourists at the airport at 9-00 or 9-30 (local time) and at the railway station of Irkutsk.

*** If the flight is delayed upon arrival, the tourist is taken to the place of the excursion.

Bus tour of the city, which is almost three and a half centuries. You will hear stories of merchant families known throughout Russia.

You will see the “unique stone decor” of the Holy Cross Church, monuments to Emperor Alexander III and Admiral Kolchak, visit the territory of the Znamensky Convent, near the walls of which is the grave of the founder of Russian America, Grigory Shelekhov, the grave of the Decembrists.

A visit to the house - the estate of the Decembrist SG Volkonsky.

Lunch at the cafe.

Bus transfer to Listvyanka (68 km).

On the way to visit a very interesting museum of wooden architecture "Taltsy", located in the forest on the banks of the Angara.

Some buildings were made of larch over 300 years ago without a single nail.

Arrival in Listvyanka village, which I call the “Gate of Baikal”.

Hotel accommodation. Walk to the Chersky Stone, named after the prominent explorer of Siberia I.D. Chersky. Here is a gazebo with a viewing platform, offering a magnificent view of the source of the Angara and Baikal itself.

Time off

Day 2

A visit to the Museum of Baikal, a virtual dive to the bottom of Baikal, a boat trip on a boat along the Circum-Baikal Railway


Visit the Museum of Baikal. You will see an aquarium with Baikal fish and seals, samples of Baikal minerals and other exhibits.

Virtual dive to the bottom of Baikal. You can personally see the underwater life of the lake, experience new sensations at a depth of 1,637 meters. The session “The Water World of Baikal under a Microscope”, during which everyone can see on the computer monitor precious placers of fine sand, the smallest inhabitants of the lake in a drop of water.

Walk through a unique arboretum, which has about 378 plant species.


A boat trip on a boat along the Circum-Baikal Railway, built over 100 years ago. This amazing road and today are called "one of the technical wonders of the world" . The passage through the tunnel of one of the capes.

Return to the hotel. Relaxation.

Day 3

moving to the small sea


Departure to the Small Sea (about 270 km, travel time - 5 hours, transport - by minibus).

Accommodation at the campsite.

Dinner. Walk along the shore of Lake Baikal.

Dinner. Time off.

Day 4

Bus excursion to the Sarminsky gorge,


Bus excursion to the Sarma Gorge. The picturesque road is a change of amazingly beautiful landscapes.

Here you can see the Buryat sanctuary, sacrificial stones.

At 2.5 km from the village of Sarma, at the foot of the Primorsky ridge, you can see ancient rock paintings. The route implies a halt on a review glade with tea from forest herbs.

Return to the campsite. Dinner. Time off.

Day 5

Excursion on the island of Olkhon, Picnic in nature


Ferry to Olkhon.

Excursion on the island of Olkhon (80 km in one direction), which is one of the most beautiful places on Baikal. You visit Burkhan Cape and Shamanka Rock, the Three Brothers rocky complex and the northern tip of the island - Khoboy Cape.

Picnic in nature. Baikal omul's ear.

Return to the campsite.

Dinner. Time off.

Day 6

Walking tour "In search of Kurykans"


Walking tour "In Search of Kurykans" Walk along the picturesque coast of Baikal to one of the most beautiful capes - Sagan-Khushun.

Objects of excursion: warm Kurminskie lakes; vaulted arches of crystalline limestone, archaeological sites where burials of ancient Turkic tribes were discovered; the ruins of the Kurykan wall, which was created by the ancient inhabitants of Baikal with their own hands - the Kurykans.

Dinner. Free time.

Dinner. Relaxation.

Day 7

Depart home!

Breakfast. Free time. Departure by minibus to Irkutsk.

The estimated time of arrival at the railway station of Irkutsk is 20 hours. Departure by evening train home.

If the tourist takes off on the next flight, the 8th day in the morning, you need to book an additional overnight stay at the hotel and transfer to the hotel-airport.

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