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Week on Baikal

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9 days
2715 €

The 650 km long route affects both famous tourist spots and wild coasts not conquered by civilization. You will see different Baikal - magnificent sandy beaches, steppes, surrounded by legends, mysterious and wild taiga. the mountains. standing on guard of Baikal. You will get acquainted with the flora and fauna of the great lake - visit the natural rookery of the Baikal seal, enjoy the fishing and taste of the Baikal omul.

Our travels are for those who are interested in primeval Baikal with its amazing energy and silence, the richest flora and fauna, and the austere beauty of nature.

Such Baikal is not available to everyone. But We will show it to you.

Tour program

Day 1
Meeting and greeting

We will arrange a meeting of each guest at the airport/train station and will accommodate one of the best network hotels in Irkutsk (usually Sayen or Marriot). You will have time to relax from the road.

At 16.00 We will pick you up from the hotel and invite you to a sightseeing tour of Irkutsk, tell you about historically important events related to the development of the city, visit the Angara River Embankment, Decembrists Museum, Kolchak Monument and the modern tourist center of Irkutsk 130 quarter - a specially created area of ​​historical buildings, including in a few dozen architectural monuments.

We will finish this day in one of the best restaurants in Irkutsk with the welcoming dinner.

Day 2
Listvyanka village - Sandy Bay

9.00 After tomorrow at the hotel, we will go to the village Listvyanka (the road by car will take no more than 1 hour), where the ship is waiting for us. We will be given a tour of the Limnological Museum dedicated to the nature and history of the development of Baikal, we will also visit the fish market, which is the personification of the life of the village built on the very bank of Baikal.

The first point of our route is Sandy Bay - one of the most famous and picturesque places on Lake Baikal. The name of the Siberian Riviera was fixed to the bay due to the dune forming a white sandy beach.

Here we will take a fascinating walking tour on the view rock, from where a magnificent panorama of the Baikal coastline opens, and we will also visit the Grandma Bay. For a long time, access of tourists to these bays was closed at the request of environmentalists in order to preserve this unique territory, now its visit is possible only with the permission of the National Park, and taking into account the fact that it can only be reached by water transport there are relatively few tourists here.

That evening we will continue our water route.

Day 3
Tazheran steppe

The morning we will meet the bay Aya. We walk to the mouth of the Anga River, which flows into Baikal, as well as

You will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the Tazheransky steppes, famous for its diverse relief, as well as a large number of caves. In many caves, there are glaciers, underground lakes, formations of stalactites, stalagmites, as well as traces of the sites of ancient man.

If participants of the trip wish, we will visit the Dream Cave, which does not require serious speleological skills.

Closer to dinner, we are making a big transition towards Olkhon Island, we will have a stop over the deepest point of Baikal (1642 m) near Cape Izhimei and by the end of the day we will continue on Ushkanye Islands.

Day 4
Ushkanye Islands - Chivyrkuy Bay

Ushkanye Islands - a small rocky archipelago, a specially protected natural area. The largest rookery of the Baikal seals is located on the Ushkany islands, we will be able to observe the life of these charming animals in their natural habitat.

Due to the isolation on the archipelago unique flora and fauna formed.

After lunch, we will advance towards the Chivyrkuisky Bay where we will stop for the night.

Chivyrkuisky Bay is famous for its warm water and picturesque shores of densely overgrown taiga forest. This is one of the smallest bays of Baikal, the average depth does not exceed 10-15 meters, which is why the water warms up to 20-22 C. We will stop on a wild sandy beach, which is difficult for other tourists to reach and fully enjoy the beach holiday on Baikal.

The Snake Spring is found along the shore of the Chivyrkuisky Bay, which was examined as early as 1890. In 1929, 5 outlets of mineral water with a temperature of 38.5–39 ° C were found. We will offer you bathing in hot springs, as well as a visit to the islands of Lysy, Shaggy and Baklany, completely populated by gulls and cormorants.

Day 5
Cape Zvorotny

Today we have a water transition to Cape Zavorotny.

The coast here because of the closest passing Baikal range is the most picturesque on the whole Baikal, nowhere else there are no such high and close to the shore mountain peaks. Along the way, we have scheduled stops at Cape Bolshoi Elokhin, Cheremshany, Kedrovy - the taiga of these shores is rich in forest gifts, which is reflected in the names of places.

We will enjoy fishing on a grayling, we will take walks, and in the evening we will flood the bathhouse on the shore and enjoy the starry sky of Baikal.

Day 6
Cape Annie

Today, the purpose of our journey will be Cape Anniut, and on the way, we will take a look at the capes Malyi and Bolshoy Solontsovy, visit the cape Pokoitsky, on which the central manor house of the Baikal-Lensky Nature Reserve and the Solar weather station are located.

You can make hiking trips into the mainland or enjoy recreation and fishing on the beach. This is our last night away from civilization, tomorrow we will have a big transition to Olkhon Island.

Day 7
Olkhon Island

On the way to the island of Olkhon, we will stop in front of the sacred Cape Ryty, who considers the most anomalous zone of Baikal, mysterious stories and shamanistic legends are associated with it.

In the middle of the day, we will arrive at the Mecca of rest on Baikal - Olkhon Island. We will make a walking tour to Cape Burkhan and visit the tourist village Khuzhir, where an ethnic lunch will be organized at a local cafe.

In the evening, we will move to Ogoy Island and here, on an island that is considered “clean,” near the Stupa of Enlightenment, we will summarize our journey, we will comprehend everything we have seen and experienced.

That night we will make the final transition to the starting point of our journey - P. Listvyanka.

Day 8
Listvyanka village - Irkutsk

The scheduled arrival time in Listvyanka is 12 noon and in an hour we can be in Irkutsk. This day is a reserve in the case due to bad weather, we will get out of the cruise schedule. Therefore, one more night is organized for our guests in the Irkutsk hotel, so you can plan a departure from Irkutsk for any Saturday time, and spend a Friday evening in a comfortable hotel room or walking along the cozy streets of Irkutsk.

Day 9
Departure day

We will arrange your transfer to the airport at the required time and help you buy souvenirs.

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