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Super tour "Karelian necklace"

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8 days
975 €

Attention! We present a new unique tour program. It has become more interesting and “tastier”!

You will see not only the famous islands of Kizhi and Valaam, but also little-known corners of Karelia. We will drive in jeeps to the hard-to-reach waterfalls of Ladoga lakeside and take a boat ride to the picturesque island of Pellotsari! We will rest in the old Karelian village of Kinerma and try honey on a real forest apiary! Fascinating excursions and Karelian treats are waiting for you: fresh jam, fragrant “Karelian balm” and homemade cakes.

Route: Petrozavodsk - Kizhi Island - Marcial Waters - Kivach Falls - Kinerma Village - Sortavala Island - Valaam Island - Pellotsari Island - Ruskeala Mountain Park - Priladozhya Waterfalls - Petrozavodsk City

The program for teams! In the group of not more than 15 people!

Tour program

Day 1
Arrival in Petrozavodsk + Excursions

Meeting at the railway station of the city of Petrozavodsk of tourists arriving by train No. 12 (from St. Petersburg) No. 18 (from Moscow). The guide collects the group from car number 9 with a sign "Lukomorye".

Please inform the train number when booking the tour.


Walk along the Onega embankment with a guide.

Accommodation in the comfortable hotel "Karelia" in the rooms of the category "standard". The hotel is located on the shores of Lake Onega. It offers an SPA center, a bar, a restaurant, free wi-fi, and secure parking. Visiting the sauna, swimming pool, gym from 7:00 to 9:00.

Departure for a city tour "From the history of Petrozavodsk".

Visit the National Museum, get acquainted with the history of Karelia (the building of the XVIII century).

After the tour, welcome to the meal in the best restaurant of national cuisine "Karelian Gornitsa". The cozy interiors of the restaurant are decorated in the style of Karelian hut and only dishes prepared from the natural gifts of Karelia are served there.

After lunch, learn about the traditions of northern tea drinking, try traditional Koporsky tea based on Ivan tea from the local collection, take part in a master class on cooking famous Karelian gates.

Free time.

A good end of the day will be an exciting and safe 2-hour rafting down the beautiful plain Shuya River (30 km from Petrozavodsk). After the rafting, a delicious picnic dinner in a pine forest with a tasting of local alcoholic beverages (the famous Karelian Balsam, berry liqueur, vodka). Cost: 1100 rubles/person for a group of 10 people or more.

Day 2
House Dolls + Kizhi


Visit the unique private gallery "Doll House", where you can buy souvenirs and look into the world of dolls, in which a fairy tale, reality, and mysticism are closely intertwined.

A trip on the "meteor" on Lake Onega to Kizhi Island (1 hour and 15 minutes on the way). Visit the museum of wooden architecture in the open. The interior of the Church of the Intercession of the Virgin and peasant houses is open to visitors. The traditional peasant handicrafts are shown in the huts, the bells ringing above the island ...

We invite you to a tour of the “Villages of the island of Kizhi” in the cart, which will deliver a lot of positive emotions and a charge of healthy energy from being in the open air. You will take a ride through the villages of Kizhi - Yamke and Vasilyevo, famous for documents from the middle of the XVI century; see the largest and most beautiful wooden house of the island, completely covered with carvings; the chapel of the Assumption of the Virgin, which appeared on the island before the famous multi-headed temples; get acquainted with the peasant way of life of the past and the modern life of the village of Zaonezh; climb Naryinu mountain - the highest point of the island, which is considered to be the ancient "place of power" Kizhi and where the chapel of the Savior is not made by hands now stands.

Return to Petrozavodsk in the evening.

Late lunch.

Time off.

Day 3
Excursions (Sampo Mountain, Marcial Waters, Kivach Nature Reserve)


Departure for a country tour "The edge of the forest - Karelia."

On the way visit unique plant “Berry of Karelia”. You will have the opportunity to see the production process and try freshly prepared Karelian jam.

Next, we are waiting for a stop at Sampo Mountain, a rise to a height of 40 meters in order to see the magnificent panorama of Lake Konchezero.

Next, we will visit the first Russian resort “Marcial Waters”, founded by Peter I, with a tasting of water from three healing springs.

Transfer to the nature reserve "Kivach". Inspection of one of the largest flat waterfalls in Europe, a visit to the Museum of Nature and the reserve of Karelian birch.

Lunch-picnic in the reserve: trout ears, home-made roasts, and national pastries.

Return to the hotel.

Free time.

Time off

Day 4


Exemption numbers. Departure with bags to the west of Karelia, in Priladozhie.

On the way visit to the Karelian village of Kinerma, where you will be welcomed, and after a walk through the village they will be fed with a home-made tasty lunch.

Accommodation at the base "Black Stones".

Comfort and warm home furnishings of cottages from a cylindrical bar of Karelian pine are combined with the comfort and high-quality finish of the entire base. Everything is thought out to the smallest detail, everything is done to ensure that the guest is cozy and comfortable, like at home.

Recreation center "Black Stones" is located on the shores of the picturesque lake Yanisyarvi 49 km from the city of Sortavala.

Day 5
Sortavala + Balaam


Transfer by bus to the city of Sortavala (50 km).

A trip on the “meteor” on Lake Ladoga to the island of Valaam (1 hour).

Sightseeing tour of the central manor of the monastery. Visit the Transfiguration of the Savior Cathedral, where the relics of the holy founders of the monastery - St. Sergius and Herman. Concert of church hymns. Lunch in the monastery refectory.

A beautiful water excursion in the motorboats "Corsair" through the inland lakes of Valaam: you will see the Nikolsky and Smolensky monasteries, the Vladimirsky bridge and the monastery dairy farm. Walking tour "New Jerusalem". This is the path from the Resurrection Skete, through the cozy Gethsemane Skete on the Mount of Olives, which offers one of the most poetic views of Ladoga.

Return to the mainland.

Transfer to the base.

Dinner for an additional fee.

Time off.

Day 6
Pellotsari Island


In the morning, we will have a “tasty” excursion: we go to a real apiary to visit the Karelian bees. You will find out where the honey comes from, whether it is real or unreal, try herbal tea with pancakes with honey! At the apiary, you can buy the freshest honey and bring it home as a souvenir from Karelia.

Transfer to the shore of Lake Ladoga, from where we will go to Pellotsari island by motorboats. You will see the picturesque channels and coves of Ladoga, the development of the famous Serdobol granite, which is faced with St. Isaac’s Cathedral, Atlantean figures in St. Petersburg, and on Finnish defenses of World War II.

Lunch-picnic on the island (fish soup from Ladoga).

Return to base.

Dinner for an additional fee.

Day 7
Zoogrinpark + Jeeps + Ruskeala Waterfalls + Mountain Park "Ruskeala"


Visit Zoogrinpark - the only zoo in Karelia, where you can get acquainted with a huge variety of fauna of Russia and other countries.

13:00 - lunch at the restaurant.

14:00 - landing in jeeps (2 - 3 people each), meeting with the instructors.

Departure for an off-road route on the southern coast of Yanisyarvi. A visit to an abandoned Finnish farm in the taiga and an inspection of the ruins of a 2-storey Finnish stone school.

We are waiting for Ruskeala waterfalls, where the shooting of the famous film “The Dawns Are Quiet Here” took place.

The further trip to the Mountain Park "Ruskeala". More than 200 years in this quarry mined decorative marble to decorate the temples and palaces of St. Petersburg and the fountains of Petrodvorets. The canyon is filled with emerald crystal clear water.

Check out the track.

Return to base.

Day 8
Waterfall White Bridges + Kolatselga village + Petrozavodsk + departure

Waterfall White Bridges + Kolatselga village + Petrozavodsk + departure

Breakfast, continue on the route in jeeps.

We are going in the direction of Petrozavodsk. But on the way, we will visit several sights, without which our route to Karelia would not be complete.

We will visit the White Bridges waterfall on the Kulismajoki River, its second name is Yukankoski. This is the highest waterfall in the southern part of Karelia - its height is almost 19 m, which is 8 m higher than the most popular and well-known waterfall Kivach.

Lunch in nature.

We turn to the forest road, which becomes impassable for ordinary transport - we overcome it.

In the course of the route - inspection of defensive anti-tank structures "dragon's teeth".

Again we leave on the road, stop in the village Kolatselga, inspect the remains of the Tulmozersky ironworks, built in 1762 according to the design of German engineers.

Stop in the village of Manga, inspect the chapel of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin, a monument to the northern wooden architecture of the second half of the 18th century.

Arrival in Petrozavodsk. Presentation of gifts!

Transfer to the railway station.

In the tour (included in the price)

- accommodation

- meals according to the program (8 breakfasts, 5 lunches, 3 picnic lunches)

- motor transport service

- Jeep rental

- transfers by meteor to Kizhi Island and Valaam Island

- transfer by motorboat to the island of Pellotsari

- visiting apiary, honey tasting

- entrance fees and excursion service according to the program

- accompanying guide on the whole route

Services for a fee

- air or train tickets to the city of Petrozavodsk and back

- dinners

- 2-hour rafting - 20 €/ person (with a group of 10 people or more)

Important. Note

You must have with you:

- identity document;

- A photocopy of the passport, at least the first page and page with registration (registration);

- Voucher or document replacing it (voucher, booking sheet);

- medical insurance policy.


The tour operator reserves the right to change the order of service provision without reducing their volume.

Children receive a discount if they have a birth certificate!


Check-out time at hotels: check-in 14:00, check-out 12:00

Restriction: participation in the jeep tour (last 2 days) is free for all, driving - only if you have rights with yourself. For children, there are child seats.


Cellular communication: Megafon confidently along the whole route, MTS is worse, and Beeline in some places.

When ordering a tour, an exclusive book "The Transformation of the Stone" as a gift!

The tour is conveniently combined with tours to the Solovki Islands. If you wish, you can combine the "Karelian necklace" with the Solovki tour.

Ask for help to the manager to find the best option for you.

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