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Plateau Putorana + Dixon

plato-putorana-dikson-1 (2)
plato-putorana-dikson-1 (1)
plato-putorana-dikson-1 (2)
plato-putorana-dikson-1 (1)
16 days
2265 €

Tour program

Day 1

Arrival in Norilsk, transfer to the airport, transfer to the hotel, accommodation, lunch, sightseeing tour of the Norilsk-Talnakh district, visiting local attractions, dinner.

Day 2

Breakfast, transfer to the pier, boarding the boat, departure to Lake Lama, lunch, arrival, accommodation at the campsite, walk through the buffer area of ​​the Ptorana Reserve, dinner.

Day 3

Breakfast, excursion to the waterfall, lunch, excursion, photo session, acquaintance with the flora and fauna of the reserve, dinner.

Day 4

Breakfast, excursion to the observation deck, lunch, departure by boat to Norilsk, arrival, hotel accommodation, dinner.

Day 5

Breakfast, excursion to the Museum of the History of Norilsk, city tour, lunch, return to the hotel, free time, dinner.

Day 6

Breakfast, departure to Dudinka, a city tour, an excursion to the Taimyr Museum of Local Lore, a master class in slicing, a festive event "Dedication to Taimyrs", accommodation at the Yenisei Lights hotel, dinner.

Day 7

Breakfast, full day outing to the tundra, picnic lunch, return to Dudinka in the evening, dinner.

Day 8

Breakfast, transfer to Alykel airport, departure to Dikson, arrival, transfer to hotel, accommodation, lunch,a tour of the village, dinner.

Day 9

Breakfast, departure by boat to the bay of the Yenisei Gulf-Medusa, accommodation at the Biological Station, lunch, excursion to the biological station named after Berentsa, dinner.

Day 10

Breakfast, excursion in the tundra, lunch, the continuation of the excursion, fishing, dinner.

Day 11

Breakfast, the continuation of the tour, lunch, dinner.

Day 12

Breakfast, continuation of the excursion, lunch, return to Dickson, check in to the hotel, dinner.

Day 13

Breakfast, excursion to the island of Dickson, a visit to the hydrometeorological station, lunch, a photo-video of the Arctic Ocean, a visit to the monument to the North Sea, dinner.

Day 14

Breakfast, excursion to the school museum, demonstration of the film "Dixon Defense", lunch, excursion to the art gallery, dinner.

Day 15

Breakfast, transfer to the airport, departure to Norilsk, arrival, check-in at the hotel at a / c, dinner.

Day 16

the release of numbers.

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