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Seven Wonders of the Krasnoyarsk Krai

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16 days
710 €

A rich tour for the most inquisitive acquaints with the diverse nature of the Krasnoyarsk Krai and Khakassia, history, archeology, the most powerful man-made structures. Here you will walk along the Yergakov rocky paths - an amazing mountainous country in the Western Sayan, descend into the underground world of the Badzheiskaya cave - one of the world's largest conglomerate caves, raft the beautiful taiga Mane, climb the rocks of the Stolby reserve and much, much more.

Type of tour: combined active excursion (auto-pedestrian-water-speleo)

Duration: 16 days / 15 nights

Time: June-September

Group and individual tours are possible at any time convenient for you.


Tour program

Day 1

Friday - the beginning of the tour, departure from Krasnoyarsk

21.30-22.00 -The departure from Krasnoyarsk to the Ergaki Natural Park to the Training Center of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. A distance of 620 km, on the way, stop for lunch at a roadside cafe (at your own expense).

Included in the price: transfer Krasnoyarsk-Ergaki.

Day 2-8

Saturday-Friday - adventure vacation in the tent camp "Pearl of the Sayan Mountains" in Ergaki, Western Sayan.

Daily trips with instructors to the main attractions of the Natural Park "Ergaki" - Hanging Stone Rocks, Parabola, Raduzhnoe Lake, Artists, Karovoe, Marble and Mountain Spirits waterfalls and more.

Ergaki is  harsh, but the surprisingly beautiful mountainous country in the Western Sayan. Bizarre peaks collected in a compact territory, unlike each other valleys with multi-colored lakes, endless fields of kurumnik and cedar taiga. Scorching cold clean water, the taste of which is different in each stream. These places emit the strongest energy. Here a person knows himself and the world around him. Having been in Ergaki once, you will certainly want to come back again and again.

Included in the price: accommodation in a STANDARD tent (4-bed tent with two 2-bedrooms and a large vestibule, rug, sleeping bag, liner), using the camp’s infrastructure, bath 3 times a week, 3 meals a day (prepares cook), daily trips on the program. You can choose any category of accommodation on the current price list.

Day 9

Saturday - ethnographic complex museum-reserve in Shushensky and Sayano-Shushenskaya hydroelectric power station

12.00 - departure to Shushenskoye (150 km), excursion to the Shushenskoye Museum-Reserve.

Transfer to Shushensky Bor National Park, Borus Mountain Forestry (70 km), accommodation in the cordon.

The Shushenskoye Museum-Reserve is a unique historical, architectural, ethnographic complex, located under the open sky on the bank of the Shush River, not far from its confluence with the Yenisei. The area of ​​the museum is about 16 hectares.

The museum represents the historically established central part of the old Siberian village. Economic activities, life, social life, spiritual culture of Siberian peasants at the turn of the XIX and XX centuries are represented in the monuments of rural architecture, in the interiors of peasant houses and public buildings, in the rich collections of tools of labor and household peasant art.

The exposition of the museum shows Shushenskoye and as a place of exile for participants in different directions of the revolutionary liberation movement in Russia of the XIX century. Among them was a young Vladimir Ulyanov, later known as Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, the founder of the Bolshevik Party and the founder of the Soviet state. In houses where, during the years of exile, V.I. Lenin recreated a memorial setting.

Borus is one of the most interesting mountain ranges of the Western Sayan, located 10 km from the Sayano-Shushenskaya hydroelectric power station and the village of Cheryomushki, which administratively makes up part of the city of Sayanogorsk in the upper reaches of the Yenisei River. The highest point of the ridge is the city of Poilov (Greater Borus) with a height of 2318m.

Included in the price: transfer, accommodation on the cordon of the national park, renting a sleeping bag with a liner, breakfast, dinner, excursion to the museum-reserve in Shushensky. Dinner group prepares independently under the guidance of an instructor.

Additional charges: lunch.

Day 10

Sunday - sport, energy ,and archeology

Excursions to the Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP - the most powerful hydroelectric power station in Russia, to the museum of the famous Soviet wrestler Ivan Yarygin and the white marble church of St. Evdokia in the village of Sizaya, built by the famous athlete in memory of his mother. Check in to the trout farm (here you can buy fresh or smoked fish).

The archaeological excursion to the Big Salbyk Kurgan in the Valley of the Kings in Khakassia is the largest megalithic mound of the Middle Yenisei basin - a monument to the Tagar culture.

Return to Krasnoyarsk. The distance of the automobile run is approximately 600 km.

Included in the price: transfer, excursions according to the program, accommodation in Krasnoyarsk at the hotel Amaks * (according to the additional request, accommodation is possible in another hotel), breakfast. The group cooks breakfast independently under the guidance of the instructor.

Additional charges: lunch, dinner.

Day 11

Monday - acquaintance with the history and nature of Krasnoyarsk and its environs

A day of exploring the sights of Krasnoyarsk  immortalized on a paper 10-ruble bill and not only, as well as natural and cultural objects of its surroundings.

A sightseeing tour of Krasnoyarsk - central streets with old and modern buildings, fountains and monuments; Arrow - the place where the Cossacks put a prison; the observation deck on Karaulnaya Hill at the Paraskeva Pyatnitsa chapel; the wheel museum-steamer St.Nicholas, on which crown prince Nikolai and revolutionary V.Lenin traveled.

Sightseeing tour of the Krasnoyarsk Hydroelectric Power Station - an external inspection, familiarity with the city of hydraulic builders Divnogorsk and its beautiful promenade. An excursion to the manor-museum of V.P. Astafyev in the village of Ovsyanka acquaints with the life and work of the great writer, the life of the Siberian village of the late XIX-early XX centuries. On the way, stop at the Tsar-Ryba observation platform on the Slynevsky Bull over the powerful Yenisei.

Included in the price: excursions according to the program, accommodation in Krasnoyarsk at the hotel Amaks *, breakfast.

Additional charges: lunch, dinner.

Day 12

Tuesday - the edge of the quaint rocks - the reserve "Stolby"

Hiking all day to the nature reserve “Stolby” with the ascent on the cable-chair road in the fan park “Beaver Log” and the passage to the rocks of the Central Group - 1st Stolb, Grandfather, Feathers, etc. along the Kashtakovskaya trail.

Preserve "Stolby" - the business card of Krasnoyarsk. The amazing world of wildlife and bizarre syenitic rocks starts right outside the city limits.

The pillars are a popular holiday destination for Krasnoyarsk citizens of any age. A place to search for inspiration for art in art and new achievements in life. The place of concentration of energy and power.

The main attractions of the reserve - the majestic rocks of igneous rocks, scattered among the taiga, and stanbism - a special climbing movement, they have born.

The distance of the walking part - 15-17 km.

Included in the price: transfer hotel-Stolby-hotel, excursion to the Stolby, accommodation in Krasnoyarsk in the hotel Amaks *, breakfast, lunch on the route (snack - sandwiches, tea).

Additional charge: dinner.

Day 13

Wednesday - a trip to the cave Badzheiskaya

Moving Krasnoyarsk –Stepnoy Badzhey (160 km).

Descent to the Badzheiskaya cave - one of the longest conglomerate caves in the world and boat ride on an underground lake.

In the evening, return to the base of speleologists is a rural manor with traditional bunk beds and a Russian stove. Bath, barbecues, evening gatherings around the fire.

Cave "Badzheiskaya". The huge tunnel extends to a depth of more than 160 meters, and the total length of the courses exceeds 10 kilometers! Among the other caves of the Mansky District, it stands out for the spaciousness of grottoes, the presence of an underground lake, the chaos of piles of boulders ...

In the cave, there are few sinter formations, but the original “architecture” of underground halls, fancy drapes of arches and walls, the descent and ascent along the entrance twenty-meter well are remembered for a long time.

Badzheiskaya cave (local “pit”) was surveyed by speleologists in 1964. Fragments of weapons and bones of animals were found at the bottom of the entrance well.

The distance of the hiking route (approaches to the cave and back) - 10 km

The price includes: transfer to Krasnoyarsk-Stepnoy Badzhey, instructor services, equipment rental (helmet, flashlight, caving suit, cotton gloves, rubber boots, SRT - set of equipment for descent), sleeping bags with a liner, accommodation based on speleologists, a bath. Meals - breakfast, lunch (snack), dinner, the group cooks independently under the guidance of an instructor. With a group of more than 10 people, the cook prepares food.

Day 14-15

Thursday-Friday - Badja Republic and Mans rafting

In the morning, visit the school museum of the Republic of Baja (partisan republic during the Civil War), a master class on geometric woodcarving and burning out, an excursion to the hut of crafts in Stepnoy Badgey.

Moving to the beginning of the rafting in Narva.

Rafting on 6-8 local catamarans along the picturesque taiga Mana River from Narva to Zh.

Power 3-time field, the group prepares independently under the guidance of an instructor. With a group of more than 10 people cooks. Groups of more than 16 people are accompanied by 2 instructors.

The participants of the route under the guidance of an instructor are engaged in assembling and disassembling catamarans, they will equip into life jackets, get oars to control the catamaran. The instructor conducts a briefing on safety and rules of management catamaran. The river is calm, fishing is possible. Overnight in tents.

At the end of the rafting, return to Krasnoyarsk and check in at the Amaks Hotel *.

The Mana River originates in the Eastern Sayan and flows into the Yenisei River 30 km south of the city of Krasnoyarsk. Its winding course is surrounded by majestic cliffs and "impassable" Siberian taiga. For the beauty and brightness of impressions during the rafting, Siberians developed the saying “Mana is a wonderful river!”. No wonder every Krasnoyarsk considers it his duty to raft this favorite summer vacation route at least once a summer.

The price includes: transfer Stepnoy Badzhei-Narva, Zherzhul-Krasnoyarsk, rent a catamaran, tents, sleeping with a liner, 3 meals a day (without dinner on the last day), instructor services, master class, excursions to museums, hotel accommodation Amaks *.

Additional charges: dinner on the last day, rolling spinning fishing rods, gear.

Day 16

Saturday - breakfast, departure from Krasnoyarsk.

Additional charges: transfer to the airport/railway station, breakfast (if not included in the price of the hotel).

The cost of the tour includes:

- accommodation of the “Standard” type in the “Pearl of the Sayan” tent camp in Ergaki, a shelter for speleologists in the village of Stepnoy Badzha, wooden houses on the cordon of the national park “Shushensky Bor”, rafting rides, Amaks hotel in Krasnoyarsk *;

- excursion service;

- tickets to museums, the cable car;

- transport service according to the program;

- food according to the program;

- equipment rental (speleo-costume, SRT equipment, helmet, flashlight, rubber boots, gloves, sleeping bag, liner);

- Bath after the cave and according to the program of the camp in Ergaki;

- Medical accident insurance 

* Possible accommodation in other hotels of the city of Krasnoyarsk. In this case, the tourists drive up to the group’s meeting place on their own.

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