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Saint Petersburg. Classic

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Санкт-Петербург 8dbe80b1daf7272ee407f584c7eef536
4 days
285 €

Classic tour to St. Petersburg with a most popular sightseeings.

Tour program

Day 1

In the morning

   08:30 Arrival to Petersburg

   Breakfast in the cafe (incl.) Arrival at the venue to set out the tour.

   10:00 Sightseeing bus tour “I love you, Peter's creation” (on the villages of the Bronze Horseman poem and other works) with a visit to the AUC (territory and cathedral) 4.5 hours


   14:30 Arrival at the hotel. Check in. Rest for 30 minutes. Check out for lunch.

   15:15-16:30 Lunch at the restaurant (incl.)

In the evening

   16:45 Excursion to St. Isaac's Cathedral (rise on the bell tower is paid separately). St. Isaac's Square, a monument to Nicholas I. Near the Blue Bridge, the flood mark of 1824. Senate Square, the Bronze Horseman.

   19:00 Boat trip on the rivers and canals (landing on the pier opposite Isaac) 1.5 h.

   21:00 Return to the hotel.

Day 2

In the morning

   08:00 Breakfast at the hotel.

   09:30 Excursion to the Hermitage (visiting the Main Museum Complex) 2.5 hours

   12:30 Excursion “Rasputin. Rise and Fall" with a visit to the Yusupov Palace (exposition" Murder of Rasputin ")


   13:30-14:30 Lunch at the restaurant. Departure to the Peterhof

   15:30 Excursion to Peterhof (tour of the Palace, a visit to the Upper Garden and the Lower Park with fountains)

In the evening

   19:00 Return to St. Petersburg.

   20:00 Return to the hotel

Day 3

In the morning

   08:00 Breakfast at the hotel.

   09:30 Bus tour (3-3.5 hours)

Option 1 “Marine glory of St. Petersburg with a visit to the Naval Museum, the Krasin Icebreaker or Submarine C-189.

Option 2 "The cradle of the revolution" with a visit to the cruiser "Aurora" or the Museum of Political History of Russia.

Option 3 "Leningrad metronome" with a visit to the Museum of Defense and the Blockade or Piskarevsky Cemetery. Meeting with a veteran.


   13:00 Excursion to the Church of the Savior on Blood.

   13:30 Walk along the Nevsky Prospect. Tour around the Kazan Cathedral (with sunset). Griffins of the Bank Bridge.

   14:30-16:00 Lunch at the restaurant (incl.)

In the evening

   16:30-18:00 Excursion to the Faberge Museum

   18:00 Walk through the Field of Mars. Tour around of the Mikhailovsky Castle and the Marble Palace. Summer garden. Acquaintance to young Petersburgers (art students) in the Summer Garden. Guests receive souvenirs - cartoons or watercolour.

   20:30 Return to the hotel

Day 4

In the morning

   08:00 Breakfast at the hotel. Check out.

   09:30 Bus tour

Option 1 “Happiness is a rootless daughter” - an incredible life story of the closest associate of Peter I, Alexander Menshikov, with a visit to the Menshikov Palace

Option 2 "Secrets of palace coups" with a visit to the Mikhailovsky Castle.

   12:00 departure to Pushkin


   13:00-14:30 Lunch at the restaurant (incl.)

   15:00 Excursion to Tsarskoye Selo: the Catherine Palace, the Amber Room, a walk in the park.

In the evening

   18:00 Return to St. Petersburg.

   Transfer to the station / to the airport.

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Saint Petersburg. Classic

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