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St. Petersburg + Country tour

4 days
305 €

Popular tour with country excursions!

Tour program

Day 1

In the morning

   08:30 Arrival to Petersburg.

   Breakfast in the cafe (incl.).

   10:00 Sightseeing bus tour “I love you, Peter's creation” (according to the villages of the Bronze Horseman poem and other works) (without visits or with a short visit to the Alexander Nevsky Monastery) 3.5 hours


   13:30 Arrival at the hotel. Check in. Rest for 30 minutes. Check out for lunch.

   14:15-15:45 Lunch at the restaurant (incl.)

   16:00 Walk along Nevsky Prospect. tour of the Kazan Cathedral (with sunset). Bank Bridge (Griffins).

In the evening

   17:00 Excursion to the Church of the Savior on Blood

   17:40 Excursion to the Faberge Museum.

   19:00-20:30 Walking along the Field of Mars. Tour of the Marble Palace. Summer garden. Acquaintance to young Petersburgers (art students) in the Summer Garden. Guests receive souvenirs - cartoons or watercolor.

   21:00 Return to the hotel.

Day 2

In the morning

   08:00 Breakfast at the hotel.

   09:30 Excursion to the Hermitage (visiting the Main Museum Complex) 2.5 hours

   12:30 Excursion “Rasputin. Rise and Fall" with a visit to the Yusupov Palace (exposition" Murder of Rasputin ")


   13:30-14:30 Lunch at the restaurant. Departure to the Peterhof

   15:30 Excursion to Peterhof (tour of the Palace, a visit to the Upper Garden and the Lower Park with fountains)

In the evening

   19:00 Return to St. Petersburg.

   20:00 Return to the hotel

Day 3

In the morning

   08:00 Breakfast at the hotel.

   09:30 Bus tour (3-3.5 hours)

Option 1 “That is an academician, then a hero, then a navigator, then a carpenter”,tour /visit of Peter’s Lodge and the Peter and Paul Fortress (Cathedral, Alekseevsky Ravel’s prison, mint, botanical house, sculpture of Peter I)

Option 2 “Sea Glory of St. Petersburg”, the Admiralty, a monument to Peter the Carpenter, the Cathedral of Nikola Morskoy. Visit to the Naval Museum, the Krasin Icebreaker or the S-189 Submarine.

Option 3 "The cradle of the revolution" with a visit to the cruiser "Aurora" or the Museum of Political History of Russia.

Option 4 “Leningrad metronome” with a visit to the Museum of Defense and Blockade or Piskarevsky Cemetery. Meeting with a veteran.


   13:00-14:30 Lunch in the restaurant (incl).

   14:30 Walking tour. Senate Square, the Bronze Horseman. St. Isaac's Cathedral (rise on the bell tower is paid separately). St. Isaac's Square, a monument to Nicholas I. Near the Blue Bridge, the flood mark of 1824.

“Rasputin. Rise and Fall "with a tour of the house on Gorokhovaya and a visit to the Yusupov Palace

In the evening

   18:00 Boat trip on the rivers and canals - 1.5 h (landing near the Yusupov Palace)

   20:30 Return to the hotel

Day 4

In the morning

   08:00 Breakfast at the hotel. Check out.

   09:30 Excursion to the art museum

Option 1 Russian Museum (without transport)

Option 2 "Erarta" - a museum of modern art (autoubs)

Option 3 Imperial Porcelain Factory and Museum (bus)

   12:00 departure to Pushkin


   13:00-14:30 Lunch at the restaurant (incl.)

   15:00 Excursion to Tsarskoye Selo: the Catherine Palace, the Amber Room, a walk in the park.

In the evening

   18:00 Return to St. Petersburg.

   Transfer to the station/to the airport.

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